Polidomes Construction sports facilities are year-round structures adapted for sports events, trainings and competitions as well as any other type special event. The innovative technical and construction solutions we offer are a guarantee of a high standard sports hall at an extremely competitive price.

We employ a unique form of roofing for facilities. The structures we offer are modeled following geodesic architecture, which is the most efficient and effective solution for covering large areas and which permits ergonomic use of space and reduces operating costs. Thanks to the multitude of secure assembly points used in the construction, the dense truss (structure framework) not only supplies full, safe structural support but can be fully adapted for the installation of any kind of lighting or sound system, so that the hall can be used to organize any type of event, night or day.

To meet the need of intensive use and accommodate many persons, our sports facilities are built to be extremely safe, durable and comfortable as well as provide the need to supply large amounts of fresh air and necessary heating or cooling. The framework is made of galvanized steel and the cover of the highest quality materials available and is able to withstand the most severe weather conditions.

Important information about Polidomes Construction sports facilities:

  • In winter, the hall is heated and kept well ventilated with warm air. In summer, it is possible to open the gable walls to ventilate the interior
  • In the event of high temperatures, the facility can be closed and cooled with an efficient and cost effective air conditioning system
  • Thermal insulation of the cover has a heat transfer coefficient of U=0.37 [W/(M2·K)]
  • The powerful ventilation system is capable of exchanging 16,000 m3 of air per hour
  • The shape of the structure can be fully adapted to suit individual customer requirements
  • Possibility of covering any surface adapted for individual customer needs (including roofing for existing pitches/courts/ice rinks)

What makes Polidomes Construction sports facilities different?

  • The cost of implementing a project with Polidomes Construction is as much as 9 times less in comparison to traditional sports facilities
  • Solid, safe construction based on the principle of geodesic architecture
  • Built to last
  • High aesthetic value and unique hall shape
  • Large advertising space – the tarpaulin cover can be custom printed with your logo or any full color artistic design of your choice
  • Low maintenance costs in comparison to traditional sports halls
  • Thanks to the built-in climate control system, the hall can be used year-round regardless of the season or weather conditions 
  • Universal use of the hall – offers the possibility of organizing all types of events, competitions, trainings, etc.

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