Camping in luxurious style!


Camping in luxurious style! Glamping has become an increasingly popular form of spending time in nature – but not in ordinary, uncomfortable tents, but in pleasant and comfortable conditions. We produce glamping structures in the shape of a geodesic dome, thanks to which our projects have not only unique aesthetic values, but also allow reduced heating costs. In addition, they are environmentally friendly, quick to build and inexpensive to maintain!


We have been manufacturing geodesic domes for many years, which is why our qualified team can provide optimal technical solutions for a given project


The dome is the most ergonomic shape that reduces heating costs

Use of space

Maximum usable area of the structure

Energy saving

Optimal distribution of solar cells and solar collectors allows to reduce energy consumption

Unique look

The dome-shaped constructions prove ideal for any environment – whether in the mountains or by a lake. The final appearance of the domes depends on the customer’s individual preferences – there are unlimited design possibilities!