Amphitheatres from Polidomes Construction are impressive shell-like structures modelled in accordance with geodesic dome architecture. They are similar to a full geodesic dome, however with an open front side. We produce both mobile amphitheatres which can easily be disassembled and moved from place to place as well as permanent structures. Our amphitheatres can be used year-round and are ideal structures for hosting concerts, theatrical performances and events of all sorts. 

The arched roof stage and semi-circular shape significantly improve acoustics coming from the stage. Thanks to the spherical construction, the structure has the effect of  amplifying and projecting sound towards the audience, which is why it is the ideal shape for all sorts of events including musical and oratory performances or plays. 

Polidomes Construction is a leader of innovative structural solutions. Like all or our productions, each amphitheatre is solidly constructed, made of only the highest quality materials, built to last for years and made to be used in all weather conditions. Whether you are looking for one of our standard portable models or are interested in a permanent structure, Polidomes Construction has the solution for you. Our amphitheatres can be erected quickly and are far less expensive than traditional facilities of this type. 

We kindly invite you to contact our team of experts us and get acquainted with the details of these modern, original and durable constructions!

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