We supervise and coordinate the entire investment implementation process: from the initial design to the final acceptance our team will help you at every stage.

What does the project work process look like?

TENDER – we prepare an offer tailored to the guidelines presented in the tender. Thanks to our own production capabilities and experienced team, we are able to offer a competitive price while maintaining the high standard of our services.

DESIGN DOCUMENTATION – this is the stage of refining the details of the project and the time during which the client can specify his expectations and raise objections. We always respond to all customer comments. We want to be sure that the final effect of cooperation will be satisfactory for both parties.

CONSTRUCTION PERMIT – we offer comprehensive organizational and legal assistance. We collect the documentation necessary to obtain a building permit and keep the client informed about the results of our activities.

CONSTRUCTION PREPARATION – this is a continuation of completing the necessary documents, but also the commencement of activities in the field. At this stage, we prepare the construction site to start work.

CONSTRUCTION – we efficiently implement every element of the project so that the works are carried out efficiently and according to the schedule. We remain in active contact with the client, inform him about the progress and answer all questions. We follow the health and safety regulations and make sure that everyone on and near the construction site is safe.

FINALIZATION OF WORKS – completion of works and cleaning of the construction site. We collect as-built documentation, finish practical work, and clean the construction site.

FINAL ACCEPTANCE – we hand over the completed object for use.